Why It’s Better to Get Your Oil Changed at the Dealership

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Your dealership’s service department is not just the best place to go for repairs or body work, it’s also the best place for routine maintenance – like oil changes. Here’s why:

  • Your dealer will put in the correct oil and filter type as specified by the manufacturer for your car’s make and model.
  • The technician at the dealership is trained by the manufacturer to do the job correctly.
  • That same technician is also better trained to notice any other items needing service and is better equipped to handle those repairs – on the spot.
  • Your oil change will be reported to Car Fax so you’ll have an accurate and reportable record.
  • The dealership will have all the necessary parts and products on hand – specific to your car’s make and model – needed to complete the job.
  • Getting your oil changed at the dealership can help protect your warranty.
  • Your dealership’s partnership with the manufacturer means they’ll have top standards across the board – from expertly trained technicians to the latest diagnostic equipment to the best in tools and parts.
  • Dealership service departments often offer loyalty programs, coupons and special discounts to customers for services like oil changes. Hayes Automotive does!

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