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Will the Collapsible Hose Change an Industry?

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hose - 300x250The Business Pages: July/Aug 2013
“# Ripple

Finally! Patio green thumbs, weekend gardeners and driveway car washers now have a lightweight hose that is easy to use and to store. Will this “revolutionary” technology make obsolete a century-old water hose design that”s gone largely unchanged?

The verdict is still out, mainly because the masses are just now encountering the “As Seen on TV” products on store shelves, sold under brands such as Pocket hose”#, FlexAble Hose”#, XHose”# and XHose Pro#. Time will tell if these products are durable and popular enough to become a “must have” in every household, sparking a market acceptance that then spills over into industrial applications.


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