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Winter Exercise Tips

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Don't use cold weather as an excuse to stop exercising. Regular physical activity is just as important during the winter, even though you”re not trying to look good in a bathing suit.

The cooler temperatures that accompany the season, however, can make exercise more difficult. One way to get around the cold barrier is to move your exercise routine indoors. Some activities to consider:

” Join a health club – Find a location you feel comfortable with near home or work. Increase your chances of sticking with a workout schedule by finding an exercise partner.

” Indoor swimming – Swimming and working-out in water are easier on the joints than other forms of exercise.

” Mall walking – Exercise and window-shop at the same time.

” Exercise equipment – Find equipment that is practical, easy to use and enjoyable. You can make your workout time fly by reading or watching a favorite show.

If you still prefer the great outdoors, adhere to winter exercise safety rules. Cold exposure can make physical activity dangerous for unprepared athletes. But if you dress warmly and heed early warning signs of cold-related injuries, winter outdoor activities can be safer and more pleasant. Here are a few cold weather safety tips:

” Dress appropriately – Dress in layers and wear synthetic fibers. Protect your head, ears, hands and face. Wear brightly colored clothing and chose footwear with plenty of traction to avoid falls on icy surfaces.

” Drink plenty of fluids – Even in cold weather, you need to drink fluids to prevent dehydration.

” Tread carefully – Beware of icy roads and sidewalks. Exercise in daylight, if possible, and beware of drivers that may have trouble stopping under icy conditions.

” Watch out for shivering – Shivering is usually the first sign of dangerous cold exposure. This should be your signal to seek warmth indoors.

Although Gwinnett#s winters are mild compared to other climates, some dangers do exist when exercising outdoors. Follow these tips for a safe and happy workout.