Your Own Personal Assistant

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Manning”s business, A-List Services, Inc., is a premiere personal concierge service that is dedicated to giving you more time, more balance and a better quality of life. A-List Services will simplify your life by taking care of all the details that take up your precious time. If running errands, planning parties, trying to organize your home, working and other items have you going from sunup to sundown, let A-List take over.

A-List provides personal assistance, corporate assistance, household management, event planning, relocation services and graphic design and Internet development. From coordinating auto repair, to making hotel reservations, grocery shopping, organizing offices, holiday home decorating or helping you move into your new home, A-List gives you the highest quality service for your lifestyle and needs. Your very own personal assistant that fits into any budget, A-List services are confidential and 100 percent guaranteed.

“Where have you been? This is so great. I didn”t know there was someone out there who could do all this for me.” These are just a few of the comments that Manning receives from grateful clients. “I think recent events have put everything into perspective for people, and they want to slow down their lives and spend more time with family and friends,” said Manning. “My goal is to help people find the time to do the things they really enjoy, whether that is spending time with family or just doing something for fun.”

With a background in the hospitality industry, from working as a concierge at a Marriott to hotel human resources, Manning definitely has experience in helping people and is putting that to good use with A-List Services. “I enjoyed working as a concierge, and, from that, decided I wanted to focus on doing something I really enjoyed. Since starting A-List, I have never had this much fun working. We provide our clients with professional, affordable and dependable service.”

For more information on A-List Services, call 866-867-8798.

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