2006 Gwinnett Business Outlook

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Seeking to get a glimpse of what”s ahead for your business? Wonder what”s on the minds of fellow Gwinnett business owners? Gwinnett Magazine asked local business leaders about their prospects for the new year ahead and the economy at large. We found optimism and a positive outlook run true with Gwinnettians, and their undeniable spirit clearly demonstrates why success lives here. Here”s what we asked them:

Q1: On a scale of 1-10, how do you rank the outlook for your company in “06?
Q2: What do you think about the economy at large?

Here are some of the highlights of what they had to say:


Charles Bannister, chairman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners:

Company: Seven or eight. Overall, Gwinnett County is in pretty good position. We still have development progressing-houses are being built, retail is expanding, sales tax has been above what was anticipated. A lot depends on interest rates and the housing bubble, but I think the economy has a good chance of improving.


Jim Maran, President and CEO, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce:

Company: Nine. My response is predominately supported by the historical and consistent creation of new jobs being added in Gwinnett County. We are fortunate to have an excellent county public school system, supported by multiple universities and the Gwinnett Technical College, stable county government for 13 years with a progressive new administration, well-founded hospitals, and a Chamber of Commerce that's known for promoting strong business growth and economic development.


Randal Winfield, president/owner, Winfield Realty Group:

Economy: Better. Indicators on a national level seem to show some mixed signals and suggest flat growth, while locally we are seeing a strong economy. On a growth trend, although it may not be in double-digit growth, it”s definitely in a positive direction.