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5 Tips for Choosing a New Home

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Looking to buy a new home? There’s a lot to consider. Make sure you’ve covered your bases before you sign on the dotted line:


  1. Is it in a safe neighborhood? Some websites track recent criminal activity like www.crimemapping.com. The local police department should also be able to provide crime statistics specific to your neighborhood.
  2. Planning on having kids? Have them already? Check out the school district. Talk to neighbors, read newspaper headlines, or visit the state department of education’s website www.gadoe.org.
  3. Get a home inspection. It might sound like a no-brainer, but don’t take what you see at face value. There are plenty of potential problems and pitfalls that a home inspector is trained to spot.
  4. Enough space? Try and picture the whole family settled in, enjoying an evening movie in the living room or den. Picture your family at the dinner table. Keep it practical.
  5. Drive through at night. Sometimes, the perfect neighborhood might seem different when dusk descends. Be on the lookout for potential red flags like poor street lighting.

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