5 Tips From The Tax Commissioner

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Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner Richard Steele offers the following advice for Gwinnett County business and property owners:

You probably already know about the new Title Tax that’s assessed to motor vehicles and replaces the old annual ad valorem tax and sales tax on motor vehicles. If you buy a car in 2015, you’ll pay seven percent in Title Tax whether you buy from a dealer or an individual. Even if your vehicle is in the new system, you still have to renew your registration every year before your birthday and get an emissions test if required.

The deadline for filing homestead exemption is April 1. This can save you money on taxes, so be sure to apply if you don’t already have exemption. Call or email the tax office with questions about this or senior and other exemptions.

Property tax bills will be mailed in August and will be due in October. Some things to note: all property owners get a tax bill, even if you have a mortgage company paying for you. Check your tax bill when it comes, and check the due date.

All property owners have the right to file a property tax return between Jan. 1 and April 1 with the Board of Assessors. You can use it to declare what you believe is the correct property value. A tax return for business personal property is required each year, and filing properly and on time can help a business with both taxes and late filing fees.

Regardless of whether you file a property tax return, the Board of Assessors will send property owners a Notice of Assessment each year around April. Pay attention, because it’s going to state the value placed on your property for tax calculation purposes. Also, if you disagree with the value, you have 45 days from the date on the notice to file an appeal with the assessors.

Richard Steele was sworn in as the Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner on May 1, 2011. For more information about your taxes, visit