A Fistful of Quarters: Loganville Opens

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The brainchild of brothers-in-law Will Geiger and Roger Ozbolt is a place where patrons can access the past one shiny quarter at a time. Located at the edge of Gwinnett and Walton counties, Flashback Games is a tribute to 80s childhood nostalgia, with classic video game titles like Galaga, Pacman, Centipede, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders.

Geiger (a classic games collector) and Ozbolt (electrical whiz and businessman) opened the establishment recently, having relocated from Athens. The story goes something like this: Geiger’s wife had grown weary of the dozens of arcade games that filled the house, so she said, basically ‘get rid of them.’ That was Geiger’s ‘aha’ moment. The business-minded Ozbolt stepped in to help with plans for Flashback Games, and the rest is history.

For more information, visit www.flashbackgames.org