A Guide to Wining & Dining

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Knowing what foods to enjoy with a good glass of wine can seem a daunting task, but there are some basic rules to consider when choosing your beverage.

Go With Your Gut
Before you start, consider what types of wine you enjoy the most. If you don”t like it, don”t drink it just because someone else thinks it”s good. Your favorite wine, just like your favorite foods, are a matter of personal preference. If you end up not liking your meal, at least you”ve got a bottle of good wine to enjoy.

Make It Match
Consider the following: Sweet dishes go best with wines of equal sweetness. Salty dishes call for wines with low tannins and crisp acidity. Tart foods are perfect with crisp white wines or light-bodied reds. Rich dishes pair well with full-flavored and full-bodied higher acidity wines.

Strike a Balance
Your wine and food selections should complement each other. They should bridge gaps in their taste, opening new doors to the flavors in each you never thought possible. At least, that”s the goal. Rich foods go well with rich wine, while lighter foods are better suited to a light wine.

What Stands Out
What”s the most prominent flavor? Often, the sauce or seasoning of the dish is what you taste the most, so choose your wine accordingly. Don”t necessarily pair based on the steak. Instead, consider what goes on the steak.