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A Man’s Guide to DIY

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You know the old joke about men being too proud to stop and ask for directions? The truth is we’re not lost. We’re just improvising, charting a creative new route to the destination. Well, just in case you don’t believe that, technology has turned the whole matter into a non-issue.

If we “get lost” on the way to some vacation spot with the family, we re-route the GPS. It might be done clandestinely, perhaps when everybody else is asleep or distracted. But in the end, we find our way there.

The bottom line? Technology is our friend. And the internet is our best friend. Don’t know how to change a headlight on your wife’s car? Need advice about painting the back porch? Issues with leaky plumbing in the crawlspace? Trouble with a door that keeps sticking? Or got an infestation of pesky bugs?

One word: YouTube.

Whether it’s sponsored content by companies that tailor their services to the DIY-kind of guy that you are, or simply digital philanthropists looking to spread some knowledge out in cyberspace, there’s guys and girls showing tech and trade prowess on video hosting sites such as YouTube as well as many others.

Beyond the popular video site, there’s a wealth of other websites. Among them:







If you’re willing to get your hands dirty (and looking to probably save some money in the process), sites like these will help you navigate and repair the terrain that is your home, backyard or automobile. Remember, technology is your friend when it comes to DIY.

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