A Model of Public Education Working As It Should

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Years of commitment to academic success for every child have earned Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) the reputation as a high-performing school district that provides a quality and effective education for all students. It led us to be recognized twice with the prestigious Broad Prize for Urban Education and distinguished the district as a model of public education working as it should. But can we sustain that success as we continue to grow and change?

Our best hope for a positive answer to that question lies in never losing our focus on the main thing—teaching and learning. That requires us to continuously review our current status and envision what the school district must be like in the future. For that reason we conducted a public review of the school district’s vision, mission, and strategic goals in the spring of 2014.

The vision of Gwinnett County Public Schools is to become a system of world-class schools. It is what we aspire to be, and based on the review feedback, it is a vision shared by Gwinnett educators and community members alike. During the review, we received input from parents, community members, and educators… input that indicated support remains strong for these long-time foundational components of our strategic direction. Only minor revisions were suggested, modifications that were recently approved by the Gwinnett County Board of Education.

In addition to updating the vision, mission, and goals, we worked internally on our definition of the phrase “world-class” and revisited the list of characteristics we thought should be found in a “world-class school.” The Board and I are gratified that these foundational components continue to resonate with citizens after so many years. We will share the updated versions of the vision, mission, goals, and world-class characteristics at five upcoming Area Board Meetings, emphasizing the messages they send about the importance of increasing achievement for every student… and our steadfast commitment to getting it done.  We hope to see you at an Area Board Meeting this spring!

Schedule for Area Board Meetings:
March 24: District V, Meadowcreek HS, Louise Radloff presiding
March 26: District IV, Berkmar HS, Dr. Robert McClure presiding
March 31: District II, Mountain View HS, Daniel Seckinger presiding
April 2: District I, Dacula HS, Carole Boyce presiding
April 14: District III, North Gwinnett HS, Dr. Mary Kay Murphy presiding

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