A Teacher”s Love of Learning

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Renee Thomasson, the#2013 Buford City Schools Teacher of the Year, the Buford City Schools 2013 Teacher of the Year, has a natural enthusiasm for being the best educator she can be.

It seems that Renee Thomasson#was always meant to be a teacher. Even as a child, she would play school to emulate her favorite first grade teacher at Centerville Elementary, Mrs. Katie Hamilton.

“Mrs. Hamilton was phenomenal. She was so warm, caring, and passionate about learning. I was a very shy child, and she was able to bring me out of my shell and foster my love of reading,”# Thomasson#recalls.

These are the qualities Thomasson#tries to mimic today as kindergarten teacher at Buford Elementary School and this year”s Buford City Schools Teacher of the Year.

Being named Teacher of the Year has been a great honor for Thomasson, especially in a school system she holds in such high regard. “What”s not to love about Buford City Schools? It”s the most amazing, friendly community. It”s just a wonderful place. I couldn”t ask to teach at a better school system – I couldn”t imagine there”s one better,”# she says.

Her excitement for teaching is one she shares with her students, who are her biggest inspiration and cheerleaders. “My students are eager to learn and their enthusiasm makes me more enthusiastic about teaching. Seeing their light bulbs go on inspires me to continue to be a lifelong learner.”#

Being a lifelong learner and continuing her education is one of Thomasson”s goals. She is currently in the process of returning to college to earn her master”s degree in early childhood education. As for now, she”s excited for what the school year ahead will bring.