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When it comes to education in Gwinnett, our schools make the grade. Gwinnett County Public Schools, Buford City Schools and a host of local private schools regularly earn top marks for teaching and preparing our students.

With an ever-growing population, educating students in Gwinnett is no small task. Gwinnett County Public Schools is the largest system in the state, and continues to grow with additional students and new facilities each year. Traditional primary and secondary school classrooms are supplemented by new charter schools that focus on everything from the Chinese language to math, science and technology – all aimed at enriching young minds. Gwinnett is also gaining a state-chartered school as Ivy Preparatory Academy opens this fall for girls only. In addition, there”s a lot happening at Buford City Schools and our many local private schools as all gear up for the new school year.

From kindergarten to high school, here”s what you can expect to find when students load up their backpacks and head back to school this year!

Meet the Brainiacs!

From left to right: Yoon Mun, Jeffrey Angell, Donny Geldbach and Maylene Xie

Jeffrey Angell, Class of 2009 (Perfect ACT: 36)
North Gwinnett High School
College Plans: Possibly Georgia Institute of TechnologyWhen I found out my score: "
When I found out I got a perfect score on the ACT, I wasn”t too surprised because I have always thought that the SAT and ACT have fairly simple questions… I guess I was fairly relieved, though, as I wasn”t too happy about my SAT score, so the ACT made up for it."

Donny Geldbach, Class of 2009 (Perfect ACT: 36)
Brookwood High School
College Plans: Duke University, Rice University or Georgia Institute of Technology
When I found out my score: "After checking to make sure that it was in fact my score, I was stunned. I would never have guessed that I would get a perfect score. I was also ecstatic because getting such a good score will hopefully open up some great opportunities."

Yoon Mun, Class of 2008 (Perfect SAT: 2400)
Brookwood High School
College Plans: Harvard University
When I found out my score: "I almost couldn”t believe it. I kept checking the College Board Web site to make sure it was real."

Maylene Xie, Class of 2008 (Perfect SAT: 2400)
Parkview High School
College Plans: Yale University
When I found out my score: "Honestly, I was shocked, I checked my score on the computer and started crying. My mom told me, ‘It”s okay if you didn”t do well. We can always take it again.” It definitely wasn”t expected."

It”s not easy being perfect!
You already know that there are a lot of smart kids in Gwinnett. Here are four students who can lay claim to the title of brainiest – with perfect scores on the SAT or ACT! Of course, with that kind of test perfection, these students have garnered a host of scholarships and college admission opportunities.

Let”s do Lunch!

‘Kids” Taste Buds Have Come a Long Way!”

Imagine trying to plan meals for more than 156,000 students! Karen Crawford, nutrition education coordinator for Gwinnett County Public S