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All Are Our Heroes: Summer Updates

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In March of this year, we introduced you to 14 of our favorite people — our Heroes. Each helped inspire and shape the All Are Our Heroes song project. We were able to see almost all of them at the Gwinnett Relay For Life celebration in May — a great reunion! Here”s the latest news from each of them and the lowdown on their summer plans:

Lynne Gasiorek
Lynne celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary and her 60th birthday in June. "Family, friends, anniversaries and birthdays are a blessing… I thank each person who was a part of the journey to get me to these milestones in life," she says. Her health check-ups have been good, so vacation plans and home improvement projects are in the works. "A car accident in the mountains of North Carolina slowed me down for a little while, but I feel fortunate that my family and I are recovering well from my second fight with breast cancer," Lynne adds.

Alaina Shapiro
Alaina served as co-captain for the House of Payne Relay for Life team, raising an incredible $585 toward their team total of $1,200. The American Cancer Society and Relay for Life are top priorities for Alaina, although she lends her energy to other local non-profits as well. She feeds her passion for community outreach and activism through volunteerism and freelance writing, and continues to enjoy her job at Emory in the Radiology Department as the communications coordinator. Committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, Alaina is still in remission with annual check-ups.

Ronald Webb
Now finished with his treatment for lung cancer, Ronald is focused on the regular check-ups and scans that are so vital to his recovery. He”s now had two of these follow-up visits and both provided the best news possible — "I”m clean. Everything is good." June marked the one-year anniversary of his surgery and although he”s not yet been able to return to work, he”s "keeping the faith. I take it day-by-day and hope that I”ll be able to start back at least part time soon."

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