All geeked up for the holidays

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Wondering what to get that techno-geek on your list this holiday season? We asked the folks at about the hottest trends for our tech savvy family members and friends. You”ll want to add these inventive products to your gift list! >>


Clocky Robotic Alarm
Zzzz! Snooze! If you have problems getting your bootie out of the bed – this product is for you. When it”s time to wake up this device leaps off your nightstand and scoots around your room. The only way to turn it off is to chase it! By the time you find it, you”ll be awake. $49.99




iPod Video Goggles
Tired of watching the shows you download on that small Ipod screen? These video goggles plug directly into your Ipod.

When you wear them, your show is projected on a virtual 24-inch television. Just don”t watch and drive! $199.99




USB Drink Chiller & Warmer
This device connects directly to your USB port. It keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cool. The cold plate chills to 45oF and the hotplate warms to 120oF. Whether you take your caffeine cold or hot, at least it won”t go bad when you get called into a meeting. $24.99




Socket Pocket
Hate to deal with cell phone charger cords all over your kitchen counter? You need the Socket Pocket. It attaches to any outlet and provides a pocket, so you can charge your cell phone or hand-held device with ease. It”s sold as a two pack, and you get your choice of white or tan to match the outlets in your home. $7.99




ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset
Now that we”ve all gone cellular, do you miss ever miss talking on a regular phone line? Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can now plug this device into your cell phone and go back in time with this retro handset. $34.99




USB Holiday Tree
A true techie”s Christmas wouldn”t be complete without a USB powered holiday tree. An easy way to add holiday cheer to your home or office! $7.99





Cell Phone Extender
Ever lose your cell signal mid-sentence? This device will help extend your cell phone signal around your home. Note: You have to be able to get at least one bar on your phone for this device to work. $249.99-$349.99




RFID Digital Door Lock
Never worry about finding your keys or locking yourself out of your house again!

With the swipe of a card or touch of a button, you can instantly get in your home.

This lock is pickproof and has a stand

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