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Publisher’s Letter

David Letterman may get credit for making them famous, but we all love a good list. The Top Ten this… The Best Five that… Who doesn’t want to have the inside scoop on the cream of the crop?

Not only do we have a love of superlatives, but I think it’s also human nature to want to know the thoughts and opinions of others. The comfort and knowledge gained from a referral certainly works best when the source is known and trusted. Isn’t that exactly why “Mother knows best” is time-tested advice? In a pinch though, I’m okay with asking folks I don’t know for their thoughts. Shopping with me is interactive. In the grocery aisle… “Is this good? Have you bought this?” Outside the dressing room… “Do you think this goes together? Too young for me? Too old?” I’m a little more subtle in the mega health and beauty aid store, but if you’re reaching for the $40 eye cream, please excuse me while I try to get a really good look at how that’s working for you.

Social media is built off the phenomena of shared opinions – likes, favorites and pins come to mind. Searching for a job? You’ll need recommendations. Looking for a physician? You’ll want a referral. Wondering about that restaurant, movie or book? Check out a review. Looking for the best of everything in our community? Check out Gwinnett Magazine’s Best of Gwinnett.

Far and away our most popular issue, the Best of Gwinnett puts you in the know about everything great in Gwinnett. This year, we tallied over 75,000 votes across more than 75 “best of” categories to bring you the 2014 list. To be honest, we’re used to getting a great response and a high vote tally. But this year, we were surprised about how many different businesses, business people and organizations garnered votes in each category.

In fact, the breadth of the votes brought about a change in the way we present the results. This year, we just couldn’t contain our “best of” winners to the top five vote getters in each category. We expanded our listing to also identify those who are “Among the Best” – some folks who are grabbing votes and attention in each category.

You’ll want to keep this issue handy for reference and keep your eyes peeled for the Best of Gwinnett 2014 ribbons and plaques to be displayed at your favorite business.

All the best!

Don’t see a deserving person or place on the list? Don’t forget to nominate your 2015 favorites. Voting starts early this year for our next edition at www.BestofGwinnett.com.

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