And then there was WebTV

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If you”re not watching video online, you”re probably feeling left out in the cold – with good reason. In just one month last year, 135 million Americans – that”s 71 percent of total Internet users – watched online video, according to Internet audience measurement firm ComScore.

The growth of online video as the new medium is undisputable. Almost 20 percent of total video consumption is now online, reports AdAge, up from 11 percent just a year ago. The rush to video is massive and it includes all demographic groups – 44 percent of seniors and 76 percent of children watch video online.

If you”re in business, you can”t afford not be telling your story with online video on your Web site.

"Streaming video on the Web has opened the door for businesses and organizations of all types to host what is essentially their own TV show," explains David Greer, president, StoryRoad Studios, a division of Tillman Allen Greer.

"Virtually all Web sites in the future will have video-driven content. It”s a great communications opportunity – one that businesses can”t afford to miss."

The use of viral marketing, social networking and user-selected content is a marketing phenomenon that is here to stay, says Greer. "We”re showing businesses how to use video to reach a larger audience with a stronger message – and spend less – than they would with other marketing options."

Why Video? Why Now?
High speed internet connections, iPods and streaming Web technologies enable video to be easily broadcast to the majority of business prospects. The breakthroughs in this delivery channel have opened the doors for the most effective communication means available today – video.

Greer”s advice to clients is simple. "Any time you think of using a word document to communicate, you should be thinking video. Video is the most dynamic communications format available and now you can produce, broadcast and reach audiences like never before. And most importantly, you can do it over your own network for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels."

Consumer appetite for online video is only growing. In a one-month sampling this year, ComScore reported that 11 billion videos were viewed online by Web users in the U.S. alone. On average, viewers watched 82 videos in a month, about 3.8 hours. By 2013, a scant four years from now, about 1 billion people worldwide will consume video content delivered over broadband, according to ABI Research.

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