Are Smartphones the New Cash Register?

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Plug and Pay Mobile Processing a Boon to Merchants

SmartPhoneCashRegister_GMAG_WebFor small businesses reliant on point-of-purchase transactions – in the field or in store – plug and pay mobile processing devices are opening the door to new revenue streams. Will the evolution of smartphones and other digital devices render the ubiquitous credit card swipe machine a relic?

Using a tiny card reader that hooks into the headphone jack of a digital device, merchants can now more easily accept non-cash payments – any time, anywhere. As plastic is rapidly replacing cash in consumer wallets, small businesses are quickly embracing this new technology to both enhance customer experiences and capitalize on impulse purchases.

Portability and ease of use are common denominators among the ever-growing pool of mobile payment devices, driving popularity for the new technology. Unlike more traditional merchant service models and fee structures, mobile payment processing is less complicated, quicker, less expensive and offers flexibility for end-users.

Companies like Intuit GoPayment and Square, for example, have comparable fees and boast similar functionality and service features. With even more competitors and changing technologies factoring into the merchant services arena, the time is right for small businesses to explore the bottom line impact of plug and pay mobile processing.

Artisans, like Dave Wilson, proprietor of Piedmont Home & Gift Tin Frames & Mirrors, in Atlanta (EtsyShop-PiedmontGardens) can now process non-cash sales using a smartphone.

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