Are You a Career Changer?

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Maybe you#re following a long-lost dream. Perhaps you lost your job and are starting over. Have your kids have left for school, and you want to re-enter the workforce? Guess what? You#re considered a career changer.

People change careers every day. It#s not uncommon for professionals to have as many as five careers or more in a lifetime. If you#re ready to make a change, be prepared. Consider the following tips to finding your perfect career match.

1. Self Discovery # Identify and understand your values, interests and skills.

2. Career Research # Explore the different options available. Prioritize your top three career choices.

3. Roadmapping # Map out a plan to move you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future.

4. Preparation # Take classes, read books, acquire the additional skills, knowledge and education needed for your new career.

5. Market Yourself #Freshen up your resume, your appearance and interview wardrobe to make the best impression.

Ready to make the change? Look to Gwinnett#s local resources for more information on changing careers. Call Gwinnett Technical College at 770-962-7580 or the Gwinnett University Center at 678-407-5000.

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