Are You a Nontraditional Bride?

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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Now it”s time to get to work planning your wedding. In the most simplistic terms, your wedding is a celebration of your commitment to your fianc##. Although there is a lot of tradition associated with weddings in regards to the white dress, chicken or fish dinner menu and the cake, think about what want. This really is your day and it should be a reflection of you and your future spouse.# Here are a few non-traditional ideas for a wedding:

The Cake
Choose a bakery that reflects your# taste. Some couples skip the traditional wedding cake and serve pie, cupcakes or something else sweet. Take time to really think about what you want for your wedding day.# However, if you do decide to go traditional and get a wedding cake, tradition dictates on your first wedding anniversary, you and your spouse eat the top of your wedding cake. That”s a sweet tradition you won”t want to miss, so plan to freeze that portion.

The Menu
There”s nothing wrong with calling an event planning company and ordering the traditional wedding fish and chicken, but the hot wedding trend is to go off the beaten path with catering. Try some thing non-traditional like serving barbeque or hosting a make-your-own baked potato bar. Another suggestion is for the happy couple to a “best-of” buffet with their favorite foods.

If you don”t want to do the chicken dance, you don”t have to. Either book a band that plays your favorites style of music or hire DJ and give them a strict “do not play” list. Another idea is to load an iPod with you and your fianc##”s favorite songs and plug it into a compatible and high-quality sound system.

Interview a few photographers to make sure that they share your vision of what your wedding should look like and that your personalities connect. If you want to try more artistic poses or different coloration used in the photos, go for it!

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