Army Veteran Now Has Hope for a Better Life

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Thanks to services and support available locally, an Army veteran now has the resources to begin his new life. Philip was 20 years old when he voluntarily joined the Army. As a husband and father, he saw his military service as the hope for his future.# Following basic and advanced training, he was deployed to Iraq as an E-4 Specialist in Radio Communication.

Life took an unexpected turn while serving in Iraq. He was fortunate in that he did not sustain a blast injury or direct combat related injury. Philip became ill with what was initially considered to be a sinus infection. Complications from the infection invaded the spongy tissue of his brain beneath the skull. Multiple neurosurgeries were required.# Phil had an acquired brain injury, which was classified as severe by validated standard measurements used to classify brain injury (Glascow Coma Scale).

The long term after effects of his acquired brain injury included difficulty with his ability to think, reason, plan, organization, memory, and follow through on simple self-care tasks. He also experienced changes in his usual behavior. His brain injury also affected his ability to know when his hunger was satisfied. This coupled with impaired impulse control resulted in a 117-pound weight gain.

Three years post-diagnosis, Philip found the help he needed through a specialized inpatient rehabilitation program located in Roswell. Restore Neurobehavioral Center specializes in neurobehavioral treatment and supported living services. The inpatient program provides medical management and comprehensive skilled therapy. After a little over a year and a lot of hard work on his part, Philip has learned how to compensate for the brain injury impairments, become independent with his own self-care and better control his impulsive desire to eat continuously, helping him to lose those pounds previously gained.

Philip is currently continuing his rehabilitation at Restore-Lilburn, a transitional supportive living program located in Lilburn.# The supported living program allows him to live in a community setting while continuing to develop the valuable skills he learned during his inpatient program. The facility is staffed with specially trained personnel that further assist Philip with his recovery.# Please visit to learn more about the specialized programs available to treat individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury.

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