Aurora Theatre to Host Free Comedy Show

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“The Muslims are Coming!”# stand up comedy show, featuring some of today”s top Muslim-American comedians, is heading out on its first ever tour. While winding their way through the South, the comics will be stopping in Lawrenceville on Tuesday, August 9 for a night of fun, free laughs!

The comedy tour – which is co-produced by comedians Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah – will present a series of free shows that will take the comedians to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee from August 5-15, 2011.# A second leg of the tour is scheduled for the fall in the “Red States”# of the Midwest. Excerpts from all of the shows will be featured in an upcoming documentary, also entitled The Muslims Are Coming!

“Our hope is to use the stand-up comedy to bring people of all faiths and backgrounds together to laugh and to foster understanding,”# explains co-producer and comedian Dean Obeidallah, who co-starred in the Comedy Central special “Axis of Evil”# and has appeared on numerous TV shows including ABC”s “The View”# and “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen.”#

“The shows are free by design because we want to reach as many people as possible with our shows – especially the ones that have never met a Muslim before,”# adds co-producer and comedian Negin Farsad, director and producer of the critically acclaimed documentary, Nerdcore Rising. She has written for or been seen on The Joy Behar Show, IFC, MTV, and Comedy Central”s “The Watch List.”# #

In addition to Farsad and Obeidallah, the show will feature comedians Omar Elba of the recent Showtime Special “Legally Brown”# and Maysoon Zayid, who was featured on the PBS special “Muslim Comedians Come of Age”# and is a regular on-air contributor to the recently launched “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”# on Current TV. #The Gwinnett special guest is Georgia”s own Gilbert Lawand who opens regularly for Todd Barry, Greg Proops and Maria Bamford and who”s show “Comedy Gold”# won Atlanta”s Best Comedy Show award.

“The comedy in our shows is supposed to be funny to everyone – not just Muslims. I mean, we all have ridiculous mothers, right?”# says Farsad.

In each city of the tour, the comedians will try to meet as many people as possible and answer their questions – by setting up street actions like the “Ask a Muslim booth”# during the day and by holding a Q & A at the end of each show.

Obeidallah explains: “We hope that by answering people”s questions or responding to their concerns, we can counter misconceptions they may have about Muslims.”

The film production found Aurora Theatre through the efforts of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and Gwinnett Convention and Visitors Bureau through the Success Films Here initiative. Gwinnett is now considered a “Camera Ready”# community welcoming the film industry. Aurora Theatre was recently featured in the A&E series “Heavy”# and looks forward to being on the big screen with “The Muslims are Coming!”#

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