Be a Sleuth with the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center”s New Crime Exhibit

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The Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center (GEHC) announces a brand-new traveling exhibit that will be on its campus beginning July 14 until October 15, 2012. The exhibit is called Crime Lab Detective, and it is a fun way to highlight a number of crucial elements of the scientific process.

The exhibit focuses on a home that has been burglarized while the home”s family was vacationing. Several items were stolen, and visitors to the exhibit will be tasked with discovering who did it and why.

Crime Lab Detective takes visitors into the popular world of crime labs and detective work.# Visitors will scrutinize evidence left behind while recording their findings in a Detective Notebook. After investigating the crime scene, visitors will be challenged by the lab activities as they work to decide which of the five prime suspects committed the crime.

Crime Lab Detective lets guests be like Sherlock Holmes as they examine clues such as fingerprints, hair and DNA.# From tire marks left outside the crime scene to a cloth fiber on a picket fence, visitors will learn how to collect, sort and analyze evidence and data. Visitors can work individually or as a family to gather clues.

“The GEHC is so excited to host this special exhibit. I can”t think of a more fun way to explore the scientific process,”# said Jason West, GEHC”s director of educational programming and development. “The evidence will be right before your eyes. The challenge will be to solve the crime.”#

To get ready for this exciting exhibition, the GEHC is hosting a series of super sleuth movie nights in July. The films will be shown at 7 p.m. in the Cisco Blue Planet Theater, beginning with Disney”s The Great Mouse Detective on Friday, July 13. The Goonies will be shown on Friday, July 27.# Special crime fighting activities and an exciting preview of the exhibit will begin at 6 p.m. each night.

Admission charges for each movie night are $3 per adult (13 and older) and $1 per child (12 and under).#GEHC members are admitted free.#An additional $1 is charged for out of county residents. Movie concessions will also be available for purchase.

The exhibit is included in regular GEHC admission during the course of its three-month run. Crime Lab Detective was organized by the Arkansas Museum of Discovery and is sponsored locally by the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center Foundation. For more information, visit www.gwinnettEHC.org.

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