Behind-the-Scenes Interview with Charlotte Nash

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To complement our feature story – Gwinnett: A New Day, we”ve provide you the full interview with Gwinnett”s New County Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash.

What do you believe the voters really want from elected officials?
The thing I heard over and over again through my campaign was there is an incredible amount of distrust of government. Not just Gwinnett County – it”s much broader. I think voters want to feel their elected officials are being honest — that they are dealing with things from the perspective of what”s good for the community as a whole.

What are the top three things Gwinnett has going for it?
1. The school system
2. Our infrastructure (including water/sewer system, transportation and parks system)
3. The incredible people we have in Gwinnett and the community spirit

How do you think your experience will help you as chairman?
Spending over 27 years with the county in various positions, I know a lot about the county structure, state law and local ordinances, in which the county government has to operate, and the budget inside and out. Anybody who knows anything about local government knows that you drive policy at the local level through the budget. Certainly spending as much time as I did in finance before becoming county administrator, I know the budget is a strength of mine.

What will it be like under Charlotte Nash as Chairman?
It”s not just Charlotte Nash as Chairman. There are four district commissioners I will be working with. So the personality that the board and the county government takes is going to be dependent on all five of us. It”s going to be very important to me that we go above and beyond to demonstrate we”re doing things openly and honestly. This will be done through time in providing continued evidence and proof on public record. It boils down to the behavior the public sees from both myself and other members of the board, and I believe all of us are conscious of that. We understand that we have to think not just about the decisions we”re making, but also the impression that we create by those decisions and how we make them.

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