BellSouth Classic Trivia

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"Hush, y”all."

As the competitor prepares to take a swing, all eyes are on him and the crowd willingly gives their undivided attention. The pro hits his shot, the audience applauds his effort and it”s "game on" at the BellSouth Classic.

But in between those moments of action on the course there”s some waiting involved, and for attendees those spans of time can pose a bit of a challenge as far as staying focused on the event.

We have the perfect solution – keep your brain engaged by teeing up for our 72-par golf trivia game.

If you're up for the challenge, see how much you really know about the tournament, and golf in general. You may be the biggest fan on the planet, but I”ll bet you didn”t know…

Hole 1
Par 4
1-a: The BellSouth Classic was originally the Atlanta Golf Classic. In what year was the first Atlanta Golf Classic played?
1-b: The BellSouth Classic has been played at only two golf courses. Currently, it is played at the Tournament Players Club at Sugarloaf. Where was it played prior to Sugarloaf?
1-c: Major winner Vijay Singh hailed from which tropical island nation?
1-d: Who was the first man in the history