Big game hunting at its best

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Big game hunting gives you the chance to get the kind of trophy you#ve only seen in your dreams.

Now, you#re probably not going to get a monster deer or elk in this state (unless you know something the rest of us don#t), so you#ll have to travel to hunt big game. Whether you pick a lodge or go through an agency, you#ll have some excellent hunting choices, along with varied scenery.

Alaska#s rugged beauty provides the perfect backdrop for hunting bear, caribou, moose, wolf and wolverines. At the Osprey Lodge, hunters are brought into the lodge and surrounding spike camps by air and enjoy modern conveniences such as plumbing, a wood-fired sauna, staff chef and a walk-in freezer for storing meat.

For a closer-to-home trip packed with gator tales, Okeechobee Outfitters in Florida gives you the opportunity to hunt trophy alligators ranging in size from eight to more than 12 feet long. Lodging, meals, guide service and animal preparation are included in every packaged hunt.

The exclusive booking agency for Bass Pro Shops, Outdoor Wilderness Adventures offers hunters a variety of trips, from South Africa to North America. Whether it#s wild boars, elk, African plains game or New Brunswick bears, the hunting opportunities are endless. It#s also a great way to organize corporate hunting trips and takes the hassle out of arranging all the details.