Boats, Bikes, and Wheels

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Addicted to life on the road? Like the feel of driving an automobile or navigating the yellow-lined pavement on the back of a sleek motorcycle? Rumble of the engine beneath you as you accelerate, radio blasting. Or are you a roadway athlete, peddling your way down the blacktop?

How about life on the lake? Riding the waves, skipping over the mirror surface of cool water on a hot Georgia afternoon. People who”ve never driven a boat don”t know the feeling, but you do. Some prefer a sailboat, letting the wind take them from one point to another. Others swear by motorboats powered by inboard or outboard engines.

There are numerous dealerships and shops around Gwinnett County who can help you no matter which you prefer. Visit www.bestofgwinnett.com for a complete list.