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Brenau MBA enhances one executive”s career, confidence and competitive edge.

Brenau University helped Andrea Papageorge rise up the ranks in one of Atlanta”s biggest companies.
Andrea Papageorge had every reason to be satisfied with her career. She had an executive position with one of the region”s biggest companies, AGL Resources. She had a law degree. She had plenty of responsibility within her company. Yet, for all this, she felt like she didn”t quite measure up to her more experienced peers at work. “There was a component missing,”# says Andrea. “In a publicly traded company like ours, I lacked the pure business acumen to move up.”#

Accelerated 7-week courses. Faster degrees. Hybrid online and traditional courses.
If Andrea was going to rise up in the company, she had to level the playing field. And that meant business school. She knew an MBA degree was what she needed to round out her education. Looking for an example to follow, Andrea Googled the president of one of the subsidiary companies within AGL Resources, Atlanta Gas Light, and it turns out, AGL”s president earned her degree from Brenau University.

“That impressed me,”# says Andrea. “If Brenau can help the president of my company ascend to the top, then Brenau can help me rise up the ranks too.”# The more Andrea researched the Brenau MBA, the more she knew it was the right program for her. The Brenau MBA”s online component allowed Andrea to work full-time while she earned her degree. Brenau”s flexible program offers working adults like Andrea the convenience oftaking classes online and in the traditional classroom. And with accelerated 7-week courses, students can earn their degrees faster.

“This is one of the best times to go back to school.”#
When a younger female executive at her company recently asked Andrea about the Brenau MBA, she had a simple answer: “Go for it, girl. The Brenau MBA is so worth it.”# Andrea”s advanced degree has given her a greater sense of confidence on the job. “I feel like I have an edge. I”m sharper. More capable.”#

The top management at AGL Resources clearly agrees. At the end of her MBA studies, Andrea earned a big promotion. “There”s no doubt about it, companies do look at your education as well as your experience when considering you for a promotion,”# says Andrea. “They value you more with an MBA from a school like Brenau.”#

In these tough economic times, Andrea”s advanced degree gives her more job security. “Do you know how happy I am to have my Brenau MBA degree now? I am ecstatic,”# she says. “Ecstatic!”#

Brenau University: Designed with you in mind.
Andrea”s story is just one of thousands. At Brenau University, turning everyday lives into extraordinary lives is what we do. And we”ve made going back to school as convenient as possible with accelerated 7-week courses, hybrid classes that meet both online and in the traditional classroom, as well as totally online degrees. For today”s busy adult, you won”t find a more convenient program.