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Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

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The interior designers at Lamps Plus, an online home d##cor and lighting store, know that it can be a challenge to create a beautiful home space for the holidays without breaking the bank. With the holiday entertaining season fast approaching, family and friends will soon be arriving on your doorstep to help you celebrate. Here are 5 ways to use home decor to add fresh style to your holiday home for those looking for home decorating ideas on a budget.

1. Make a Great First Impression

For starters, consider how arriving guests will see your house. Lynda Gould, Lamps Plus corporate interior design manager, advises, “Start with the entryway decor of your house, which is the first thing your guests will see when they arrive. Holiday decorations, party lights, or decorative candle holders in the foyer or entry hall will help set a warm and inviting tone for the rest the evening.”#

Lynda says that simple ideas can go a long way when it comes to decorating, so you don”t need to make an overwhelming impression right off the bat. “A little can say a lot,”# she notes. “A simple wreath, soft lighting from a table lamp or candle light are all inexpensive ways to create the holiday spirit and welcome your guests into the rest of your home.”#

2. Create Conversational Areas for Guest to Linger and Talk

Lamps Plus blogger and designer Michael Murphy suggests creating areas where guests can gather and converse. One idea is to add a new area rug or reposition an existing rug to visually define a conversation area. “Position a bar cart or hors d”oeuvres table near the area to encourage guests to mingle,”# says Michael.

“You”ll be surprised to see how effective this can be at giving visitors an area to circulate and greet each other. A mini table or cart gives you a space to serve drinks and appetizers. They help provide that extra counter space that”s always needed when entertaining.”#

3. Add Holiday Cheer to the Kitchen

No matter where you try to create a conversation area, you know that some guests will end up congregating in the kitchen. Given today”s open concept living in which food prep and living spaces seamlessly flow into one another, you are sure to get a flow of guests to the kitchen. So don”t forget to add the holiday cheer to this very important room.

“I love floral arrangements in the kitchen,”# says Lynda, “especially during this time of the year. They are always a great way to add seasonal color to a room. Use arrangements with one or two kinds of flowers to create a strong visual impact.”#

Fresh flowers can be used, but there are a wide variety of faux flower arrangements available. “The range of faux flower arrangements is really stunning,”# adds Michael. “There are so many styles and types available now. And in many cases, you”ll be hard pressed to tell the real from the faux, they are that detailed.”#

The designers also suggest using the kitchen to show off your personality. Pull out your favorite holiday collectibles and group related objects together in sets of three or five. “Varying the shapes and sizes will maximize the visual appeal,”# notes Lynda. Another idea is to decorate bar or counter stools with slipcovers, ribbons or other themed elements. These can be color coordinated with the flowers or other decorative objects in the room.

4. Decorate the Dining Room for Less

Dining tables are a key element for the party season. If you are a more casual entertainer, round tables create a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere. Rectangular tables can be more formal by having “heads”# of the table. Lamps Plus blogger and designer Marcia Prentice also likes glass bowls and hurricanes. “Glass bowls equal drama. Fill them with some seasonal items like nuts, berries or a twig of evergreen to bring some of the outside indoors.”#

There are other options for table centerpieces. Says Lynda, “I also love candles and decorative candle holders. They are inexpensive and add a wonderful warmth and sense of theater to a table setting. Another great idea is to bring items from your personal collections to the table. Teacups, figurines, or vintage items will create a theme and stimulate table conversation.”#

5. Refresh the Living Room

There are a number of quick and easy ways to add a holiday pop to your living room decor. “I really like adding pillows or a throw to a couch,”# offers Lynda. “It a quick, easy and inexpensive way to add holiday color. Think seasonal reds, whites and silvers.”#

Changing out wall art is another way to create the mood. Adds Lynda, “This is my secret for not having to paint a whole wall – just add new art! And don”t forget to dim the lights to help set the mood. Dimmers are inexpensive and simple to install. Holiday decorating doesn”t have to be stressful or expensive. Just add in select items to refresh your d##cor,”# says Lynda.

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