Business Donates to Local Railway Museum

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trainVisitors to the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth can beat the summer heat, thanks to a recent gift from Trane and the assistance of Reliable Heating & Air.

The museum is a popular venue for events, including children”s birthday parties, maintaining two antique railroad cars as “party cars.”# The air conditioning for one of the cars broke down earlier this year, and needed to be replaced – a costly proposition for the museum.

That”s when Dan Jape, President of Reliable Heating & Air, stepped in. His company arranged for air conditioning company Trane to donate the needed unit, which is now installed and helping museum guests stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

“We heard about the need and thought, we can fix this,”# said Jape. “As a family-owned and -operated business, we appreciate the local institutions, and like to do what we can to support them. When we found out that the Museum needed a new air conditioning unit, there wasn”t any question that we should help out. So we used our connections with Trane and came up with a solution.”# Reliable Heating & Air determined the specifications and, at Jape”s urging, Trane donated the air conditioning unit the Museum needed.

Museum Administrator Randy Pirkle said the donation was just the right answer at just the right time. “Like most nonprofits, the Museum has to watch its budget, and a new air conditioning unit wasn”t in the plan for this year. There was no question about replacing it; we have parties scheduled for that car every few days, and the old unit failed just when we were going to need it most. The team at Reliable Heating & Air really came through for us, delivering exactly what we needed at no cost to the Museum. That”s the kind of community support a lot of organizations only wish they had.”#

The Museum presented Jape and Kevin Purcell, DSO Manager for Trane, with Certificates of Appreciation for their roles in the donation.

The new air conditioner serves Southern 4529, a vintage baggage car that is one of the Museum”s most popular spots for birthday parties and other events.

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