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Honeymoon Fund Ceramic Bank
A penny saved is a penny closer to a dream honeymoon! Remember, all work and no play makes for a dull marriage, so get the newlyweds off to a great start for a lifetime of wedded bliss.


Couples Massage & Picnic
Bring a partner and melt away the knots with exquisitely relaxing side-by-side massages and end your day of rejuvenating with a picnic in Atlanta”s own Piedmont Park. Luxuriate together in the restorative powers of spa therapy as you each receive full body Swedish massages. Includes lunch, beverages, soft blanket and gift for each person. $240.00;


SweetBytes Crust Cutter
These innovative cutting tools remove the crust from bread creating fun shaped sandwiches that any child will love. They”re great for school sandwiches, parties and more. They also double as a cookie cutter. Once you”ve made your sandwich, store it in the Heart Design Luv Box. $4.49 (cutter), $5.49 (box);


Heart Fondue Pot
Dip into love with this red ceramic heart fondue set. An incomparable gift for a bridal shower, wedding, attendants, anniversary or Valentine”s Day. Pre-melt chocolate or cheese dip on the stove or microwave and pour into the pot. Yum! $20.00 (per set);


Inner Peace for Your Inner Purse
Women all over the world are raving about the Inner Peace for Your Inner Purse, purse organizer that”s helping them stay fabulously organized.$29.97 (The Essentials Boutique Set);


Say I Love You Coffee Mugs
Everyone needs a little reminder during the day of their loved ones, and these "his and hers" mugs will remind you both of who”s on the other end of that line! Whether you are together or a distance apart, they are perfect for reminding you to say I love you each and every night. $27;


Body Blossom
These beautiful flower shaped body scrubbers are made from a special PVA material that is extremely soft and absorbent when wet. They”re long lasting and provide a luxurious spa-type experience in the bath or shower. (Available in pink roses and white carnations.) $3.99;