Career Advice Isn#t What it Used to Be

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Did you ever sit down with your high school counselor or perhaps your college advisor to discuss your future? Maybe you talked about the different jobs available or what you wanted to do for the rest of your life. Maybe they even told you to consider another option, just in case the professional baseball player thing didn#t work out.

Well, things sure have changed in the career advice realm. At one local college, simple career advice has translated into a career services center to help individuals and industries with employment issues.

At Gwinnett Technical College, career services provided to individuals have become more than just finding out your likes and dislikes. Assessment tests specifically designed to help uncover personality traits that may show strengths for certain professions are offered to start you going in the right direction. Resume workshops and interviewing seminars are available to help you make a good impression, and you get dibs on posting your resume to select job boards.

With the recent unemployment rates, every little bit helps in making sure your name gets bumped to the top of the list above your competitors.

But the services aren#t just for individuals anymore. Businesses can actually take advantage of the college#s career services center to help find employees, as well.

A match-made-in-heaven, the Career Services Center links businesses with qualified students and alumni of the college. This can help businesses cut back on recruiting costs and wasted interview time of unqualified applicants.

Finding a job and finding the #right# employee doesn#t have to be as difficult as you think. Times are changing in the career-counseling world. Take advantage of the services available to you.

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