Cheap Summer Airfare?

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Yes, it”s not too late to make a quick getaway this summer, even for those who have been closely guarding their checkbooks all year long. The trick is to find cheap airfare for your trip.

Be flexible, there are certain days of the week and flight times when fares are cheaper. These fluctuate season to season, so do your research on airline websites and most of all, don”t restrict yourself to just one day or time period to travel. The cheapest days to fly tend to be Wednesdays, followed closely by Tuesdays and Saturdays. Early morning and late night – yes, red-eye – flights are the very cheapest. So, if you want to save a few hundred bucks, set your alarm.

Look beyond big-name budget carriers like Southwest, Frontier and jetBlue to smaller carriers that you may not know about. Whether they serve Hartsfield-Jackson or fly into the airport where you”re going, save some money by taking a few extra minutes to explore more than just direct flights.

Also, check out all of the airport options at your destination, especially in bigger cities. Secondary airports and airports in a nearby city might offer better ticket prices or budget carriers. Spend some time online and you can save yourself some big bucks.

Lastly, don”t pick a place that”s in season in the summer. Flip the globe upside down and pick a place in the opposite hemisphere – take a winter vacation to a place like Argentina this summer. Another idea: if most folks are heading to the beach, head inland to a less popular destination. To save, get creative and get off the beaten path.

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