College Roadtrip

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Haven’t decided where to go to college? Use this as a starting point to help you choose an institution that’s right for you.

Does it fit your style? Is it the kind of place you can see yourself spending four years? The best way to find out is get in a car (or a plane) and check out the campus firsthand.

How many people go to school there? The answer could have a big impact on your experience. Bear in mind the size of classes and accessibility to faculty.

Do you want to be close to home, or are you looking for an experience in another part of the country? Tuition varies for out-of-state colleges, but it tends to be more than the cost of staying in Georgia.

Don’t have a major picked out yet? Don’t sweat it. When in college, take advantage of the time you’re given and investigate what interests you.

The cost of tuition is always on the rise, but look further than the sticker price. Georgia offers a number of scholarships, and there are also federal grants available. Check in with the financial aid department and see what you can find out.

For more information on Georgia’s public colleges and universities as well as financial aid information, visit:

Technical College System of Georgia

University System of Georgia

Georgia 411

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