Communication Conundrum

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Al SimonBusiness “# Rainmaking

It”s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks and try a fresh approach to way you do things. All it takes is a different perspective. Like breathing, each of us communicates without giving it a second thought. But how do you know if what you think you are saying is what the other person actually hears?

Al Simon, president of Sandler Training by Simon, Inc., has more than 30 years of direct sales experience and recently gave us insight on how to become better communicators in both personal life and business.

Be a Active Listener: In a conversation, the listener should focus on the speaker”s entire message to understand what they”re saying and be able to respond appropriately.

Consider the Speaker”s Personality Style: Some people are introverted versus extroverted, whereas others are process-oriented versus people-oriented. It”s up to the listener to adjust their form of communicating to match the other person”s style.

Always Paraphrase Back: This tells the speaker that you”re processing the information you”ve received and allows the speaker to correct any misinformation.

Keep Your Body Language In Mind: It”s important for the listener tofocus directly on the speaker. For instance, make sure your facing the speaker and making eye contact with them while they”re talking.

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