Conquer Your of the Doctor

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Like most other anxieties, the fear of going to the doctor is rooted in one”s imagination. Visualizing the worst possible scenario causes people with Iatrophobia (doctor phobia) to shrink away from appointments, to eschew the advice of medical professionals for follow-up visits.

Ever hear of the self-fulfilling prophecy? Stay away from the doctor too long, and you”re liable to let something that”s easy to fix get out of hand. And then, your fear of the physician could get worse.

Better to visit the doctor while you”re in good health than wait for something bad to happen. Be proactive. Still not convinced?

Here are some tips for all you Iatrophobes:

  • Get to Know Your Doctor: He”s a person too.
    Tell him about your anxieties. It will calm your nerves to realize he”s sympathetic to your anxieties. Don”t be shy.

  • Take a friend.
    Sometimes it”s easier to have a friendly face in an uncomfortable place. A friend or family member could be your best resource in beating your fear.

  • Reading Material
    Take something to the doctor”s office like a book or magazine to keep your mind from spinning through its vicious cycle of anxiety. Remember: It”s 99-percent mental.

  • Breathe. Relax. Repeat.
    Keep calm and remember that visiting the doctor is good for you. It will be over sooner than you think.

WAIT… Who are you calling an Iatrophobe?
Iatrophobia: An abnormal or irrational fear of doctors or going to the doctor.