Considering Private School?

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Parent choose to send their children to private schools for different reasons – some parents value small class sizes and individualized attention, while other parents want spiritual elements and religion to be incorporated into their child”s education. From Christian schools to Montessori schools, Gwinnett has many options. Before you decide on a school, you may want to consider:

What is the mission of the school and what values are being taught?
Start your private school search online. Pick several that match your values and request more information from each. Don”t hesitate to call and ask questions.

What is my child going to gain from the experience?
When deciding on a private school, compare the pros and cons of each school you are considering. For example, one school might offer smaller class sizes while another might specialize in fine arts. Ask yourself, "What do I want my child to take away from the experience?"

Include your child in the process.
Ask if your family can take a school tour or attend an open house. Get your child excited about going to school.

Does my child have any special needs?
If you child has special needs, find out what programs are available at each school you are considering.

Does the school fit into our financial budget?
Do the math and make sure you can afford for your child to attend the school and inquire about payment options. If private school is out of your budget, consider one of Gwinnett”s charter schools, which have a private school feel.

What about location?
Make sure it”s going to be feasible for you to get your child to the school each day. Find out if the school has an afterschool program or transportation options for parents that work fulltime.

Ask about enrichment programs and/or extracurricular activities.
Make sure the programs offered match your child”s interests.

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