Cover All of Your Bases to Reduce Shoulder Problems

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Competition is the name of the game these days. Young athletes and their parents dream of Olympic gold, college scholarships and professional sports careers. Gwinnett County, with our excellent youth sports programs, is home to scores of aspiring athletes. For them, injury and overuse prevention is crucial, particularly when it comes to the shoulder and rotator cuff.

Dr. Scott G. Quisling, Sports Medicine physician with Resurgens Orthopaedics, works extensively with community youth groups in Gwinnett County treating shoulder injuries. “Athletes who engage in repetitive overhead arm movements – like throwing – are highly susceptible to overuse-related rotator cuff problems,” said Dr. Quisling. “While there are a number of effective surgical options available, most patients can experience pain relief and improved shoulder function through non-surgical treatment, including anti-inflammatory medication and strengthening exercises.”

Dr. Quisling offers the following tips from the American Academy of Orthopaedics Society to help prevent rotator cuff injuries:

  • Always take time to warm-up and stretch before and after play.
  • Do not play through pain.
  • Take rest breaks and replenish fluids during and after any activity.

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