Cutting edge education and training spell business

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By Jim Maran

In today”s competitive work environment, business professionals need continuous training to stay above the crowd. In Gwinnett, with our wide range of opportunity for professional growth and development, how does the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce address the needs for corporate training?

The Gwinnett Chamber is at the center of Gwinnett”s growth and development, which means that our priority is to provide the most advanced tools and access to information for businesses to thrive. Some of the most important programs that the Chamber orchestrates are access to professional training across a multitude of venues. The Chamber reaches out to numerous industries, business segments, and professional fields to provide critical information for success.

Programs such as the Gwinnett Safety Professionals Organization and the Human Resource Management Association offer expertise and advice to key business managers. Members involved with the Gwinnett Safety Professionals Organization have the opportunity to learn about health, safety, environmental and accident prevention programs at bi-monthly seminars and an annual conference. The Human Resource Management Association offers members an opportunity to meet to exchange information and gain valuable resources for professional development and corporate programs.

The Small Business Development Seminars and the Executive Roundtable offer a place for small to medium size businesses to grow and learn from other businesses of similar size. The Small Business Development Seminars offer forums on important issues facing small business to help strengthen their foundations and increase their proficiency. The Executive Roundtable offers up and coming, small to medium size business owners the opportunity to elevate their business to the next level. This exclusive association is designed to build business acumen through peer networking with business entrepreneurs whom have demonstrated consistent success and leadership.

The Gwinnett Technology Forum and the Gwinnett Medical Alliance (GMed) offer a forum for specific industries to gather and discuss issues that relate to their respective industries. The Gwinnett Technology Forum provides technology oriented companies interested in networking and building strategic alliances a unique opportunity to interact, as well as to stay abreast of new technology advances. The Gwinnett Medical Alliance is a forum for consensus building with healthcare providers, insurers, educators and pharmaceutical companies to provide a neutral atmosphere for exchanging information and ideas related to the medical community. And, most importantly, Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are now available for physicians attending the GMed events.

Another area for premium education and training is with our Leadership Programs. Successful business leaders know that networking and knowledge can be as important to a career as personal ability. The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce has developed several leadership programs, such as Leadership Gwinnett and Senior Leadership, to help guide and develop community members so that they can expand their knowledge of the multifaceted reach of the County and how it interacts with the civic, medical, business and educational communities.

As we move forward into 2005, you will see new initiatives highlighting the resourceful opportunities in the bioscience arena. The Chamber has made significant progre

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