Demand Hot for High-End Hair Designers from The Process Institute

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The Process Institute is a long way from the cosmetology schools of yesterday. Or today, for that matter.

Opened just five years ago, the Institute – which is associated with the 124 Group of fine hair salons in the Atlanta metro area# – has become one of the fastest tracks to a well-paying, in-demand career. And, it goes without saying the school has trained some of the brightest talent in the hair styling industry.

The Process Institute”s story begins 20 years ago when CEO Brian Perdue”s wife Karen was earning a fabulous living as a hair stylist. Perdue had a business degree, but because he had identified a need that could potentially translate into a business concept in the salon industry, he pursued his cosmetology license and went to work for a short time at a high-end salon in Buckhead.

What he confirmed was that most clients were frustrated by the inconsistent experiences they had at hair salons – and likewise, most salon owners couldn”t find good hair stylists who really knew what they were doing. His own cosmetology schooling proved his earlier observations to be correct.

“Most hair stylist training programs were set up to help students pass the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology exam. Not, to teach the latest styles and trends that their clients would demand once they were in the workplace,”# says Brian.

A year later the Perdue”s purchased the salon Karen was employed at – and the first Salon 124 was born in Gwinnett. The salon concept was at the forefront of the latest hairstyles and trends, training their stylists to deliver the “look”# that brought out the best in their clients.

But training was the key word, because The 124 Group” which would grow to include three Salon 124s and another salon called Genesis – provided their clients with a completely different experience than any other salon in the metro area. Each stylist went through training and advanced education courses at the salon”s own internal academy.

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