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Does Your Bedroom Beckon Simplicity and Serenity?

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Use Our Advice to Create a Bedroom Sanctuary

A bedroom is supposed to be a place for relaxation before and during a night”s rest – a retreat from the hassles and stresses of an eight-hour workday. So, why do so many of us feel our room is screaming chaos instead of calm? Follow these simple guidelines to help you sweep aside the mess and finally establish the serenity oasis of your dreams.

First things first – you must observe your bedroom space and remove all the clutter that is taking away from your sense of Zen. Yes, that means finally hanging up those clothes that have been piling up on your chair for weeks and putting away those books and cups stacked up on your nightstand. This is said to keep agitation at bay – less mess, less stress! Experts also say to keep things that remind you of your workweek out of your bedroom, like your laptop. Ridding your bedroom of these pesky distractions will allow you to have a clear mind for relaxation.

Once you”ve managed to get your bedroom clear and clutter free, take an unbiased look at your walls and bedding. You may have loved the pepto-bismol pink color you picked out for your walls last year, but does that really speak to you as a restful hue? No! Think soothing; think the ocean and the beach; think warm and comfort. The top recommended colors for walls are muted pastels (soft blues, grays and greens) and shades of brown. These are calming colors that create a serene setting, so next time say no-no to neon!

Your bedding can also create a sense of comfort, but the same rules apply for the bedding as for the walls – a calming color scheme. Using solid color bedding instead of busy patterns will also contribute to your peace of mind and lots of pillows will provide a great place to curl up with a good book or even with your sweetheart.

Lighting is another factor you have to take into consideration when making your serenity palace. The already installed fluorescent lighting is not exactly relaxing, but we understand different lighting is important for different functions. Experts advise recessed lighting on a dimmer, which allows for total control of the mood. We suggest a bedside light for nighttime reading and lavender candles for a soothing scent (possibly to set the mood). Use window treatments, like curtains and shutters, to darken the room for a peaceful rest that allows you to sleep in.

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