Duluth Farmers Market a Big Hit

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The City of Duluth”s first Farmers Market was a great success as hundreds of residents piled through the Parsons Alley Farmers Market.

“We are just excited about how interested our local residents are in the Farmers Market. They really appreciate the fresh produce and homemade products” said Event Coordinator Maggie Waddell.

There were more than a dozen vendors selling a variety of products such as organic apples, mangos, lettuce, eggs, homemade ice-cream, soaps and lotions.

The mission of the Parsons Alley Farmers Market is to establish a family-friendly relationship between consumers and local farmers and to maintain a market that provides fresh, local and seasonal produce for the Duluth community. The event did just that as residents were excited to fill their baskets with rich produce and products.

The Farmers Market will take place every Thursday from June to September from 4pm-8pm on West Lawrenceville Street located next to New Dawn Theater. Residents can expect to see a monthly cooking demonstration from Whole Foods.

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