Educational Electronic Kits Are Better Than Ever

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AMFMkitWant to give your child a gift that will be fun, educational, and maybe even inspire a future career? Consider an electronic kit – a product that allows your child (generally ages 12 and up) to build an astounding array of projects and gain an introduction to digital electronics and embedded systems.

The field of electronics has come a long way since the days of building a ham radio at home. Today, you can purchase equipment that allows a hands-on experience in electrical engineering and computer science. Kids can make their own Morse code decoder, turn codes into sounds and songs, or construct a magnetic levitator (magnets levitate, not your child!), just to name a few of the hundreds of available projects.

If parents are electronically-challenged, most products come with tutorial videos, books, or web links that offer step-by-step guidance. With all the instruction materials available, these kits are the perfect parent/child project to learn together.

Locally, visit HobbyTown USA-Duluth for fun projects and to sign up for how-to classes coming up this Fall. For independent research, visit Chaney Electronics” website to get an idea of some of the projects available. As well, Edmund Scientifics sells a Van der Graaf generator and AM/FM radio kits. For the more advanced hobbyist, there really is no limit for your budding Tesla!