Endless Summer

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SummerRediscover yourself by reliving your childhood summers

1. Take A Bite Out of Summer: Some foods just say “summer.”# Eat a watermelon, or a whole bunch of strawberries. Bonus points for freezing your own summer fruit pops.

2. Dive In: It”s not unlikely that you plan to go swimming this summer, but turn it up a notch. Try the diving board. Better yet, find a high dive. Even better than that, swing out over the river on a rope and let go. Summer wants you to try a little harder. Bonus points for belly flops.

3. Go Fish: See who can catch the smallest fish. See who can catch the most kinds of fish. See if you can catch a fish somewhere you didn”t think there were any fish. Bonus points for catch and release, so the next big kid will have some fun.

4. Summer Camp: Borrow someone”s tent or RV and make your own weekend summer camp. Paddle a canoe and make lanyards. Flirt with someone in the cabin next door. Bonus points for getting homesick at first, but then not wanting to go home.

5. Summer Reading: Okay, maybe summer reading lists aren”t your fondest memory of summer. But now”s the time to re-read all those classics you skimmed in high school. Bonus points for shivering as you read Wuthering Heights on a 95-degree beach.

6. Ride a Roller Coaster: 300 million people visit amusement parks every summer, and they”re not all kids. Whether it”s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or the water park at Lake Lanier Islands, full-time fun is within reach and isn”t just a childhood dream. Bonus points for doing the whole ride with your hands in the air.

7. Ride a Bike: Cycling is good for you in every way. We see hyper-competitive neon-clad adult cyclists and think the wonder of childhood is lost to us, but there”s no reason you can”t just ride a bike to the store or around a local park. Bonus points for knowing what to do with a playing card.

8. Summer Loving: It happened so fast. Maybe it”s time to reinvigorate your love with some beach romance, or to fall in love for the first time and know it”ll last forever… or at least for the summer. Serious bonus points for doing a karaoke duet of “Summer Nights” with a stranger.