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Vietnamese food is all about freshness of ingredients and healthy food choices. Derived from Vietnam, this style of cooking utilizes a diverse range of herbs, including lemongrass, mint, Vietnamese mint, long coriander and Thai basil leaves.

A favorite Vietnamese dish for most American foodies is ph##?, a noodle soup with a rich, clear broth made from a long boiling of meat and spices. There are many varieties of ph##? made with different meats (most commonly beef) along with beef meatballs. Ph##? is typically served in bowls with spring onion, slices of semi-cooked beef (to be cooked by the boiling hot broth) and broth.

Lime, bean sprouts, basil and jalapenos are served on the side to be added to the soup for extra flavor. Hoisin and hot chili sauces are also options to give your soup an extra kick.

A great Vietnamese drink to quench your thirst is bubble tea. Although originating in Taiwan, this drink has become a staple menu item at most American Vietnamese restaurants. Much like an American smoothie, the bubble tea contains fruit, ice, sometimes milk and of course small chewy balls of tapioca. The tapioca gives the drinker a sweet chewy surprise in each slurp.

Gwinnett Vietnamese Restaurants To Try: New Saigon Vietnamese Bistro and Quickly (Both are located in Duluth)

Korean Barbecue

Korean Barbecue
Korean barbecue has become quite popular in the states as a go-to place to feast with friends. The atmosphere provides the “cook in front of you” experience on a smaller scale and it”s great for social events as the restaurants are usually upbeat and open late.

Korean barbecue refers to the Korean method of grilling beef, pork, chicken or other types of meat. Such dishes are often prepared at your table on gas or charcoal grills that are built into the center of the table.

The most typical and popular meat to cook is marinated beef short ribs. However, pork belly is on the rise with the young adult crowd. Once the meat is cook (usually by your server), there are various ways to eat it. You can wrap it either in rice cake and daikon sheets or lettuce. Soybean paste, chili paste and raw garlic are extra flavor additives, while kimchee and bean sprouts are served on the side.

Gwinnett Korean Barbecue Restaurant To Try: Honey Pig in Duluth

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban food is traditionally a fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisines. Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor. The result is a unique, interesting and flavorful blend of the several different cultural influences.

The most common menu item for a Cuban restaurant is the Cuban sandwich. This is a simple sandwich on lightly buttered Cuban bread with sliced roast pork, thinly sliced ham, swiss cheese, dill pickles and yellow mustard. This is a traditional and standard dish for most patrons, which is usually served white or yellow rice, black beans and fried sweet plantains.

Stewed meats are also a common part of Cuban cuisine. A typical stewed meat dish is ropa vieja, a shredded beef dish simmered in tomato-based criollo sauce until it falls apart. Ropa vieja is the Spanish for “old clothes”, in which the dish gets its name from the shredded meat resembling “old clothes”. This item can be served plain as platter meal or sandwich between two slices of Cuban bread.

Gwinnett Cuban Restaurants To Try: Papi”s Cuban and Caribbean Grill in Lawrenceville and Mojito”s Cuban American Bistro in Norcross

Chicken Tandoori with Naan Bread

Indian cuisine is the general name for foods of the Indian subcontinent, characterized by the use of various rich spices, aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruits grown in India.
Each family has their own version of Indian dishes and cooking techniques. As a consequence, it varies from region to region, reflecting the varied demographics of the ethnically-diverse subcontinent.

Since vegetarianism is a common practice in Indian society, many of the dishes are made from beans (like lentils), vegetables, rice and even cottage cheese. Hinduism has played an influential role in the evolution of Indian cuisine. Therefore beef is not served as a meal because cows are considered sacred in India. In its place, chicken, seafood, lamb and goat are served and curries and yogurt based sauces are used to add flavor.

Many of the Indian staple dishes are cooked in a tandoor, a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. Such items include tandoori platter (includes various boned meats), chicken tikka masala and the unleavened flatbread, naan.

Gwinnett Indian Restaurant To Try: Aroma Delight in Lawrenceville

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