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Explore the Bounty of Herbs at McDaniel Farm Park

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McDaniel Farm Park

Herbs, those mystical, magical, wild, exotic plants from around the world have been the currency of kings, the pharmacy of healers and the delight of cooks from the dawn of time.# The Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center (GEHC) invites you to its More Herbs, Less Salt program at McDaniel Farm Park on August 27, to learn more about these valuable plants.

“Late summer is a great time to focus on garden herbs as they are at their peak for harvest,”# said Catherine Long, history and culture program manager for the GEHC. “If you have not had a chance to visit the Heritage Garden at McDaniel Farm Park, the More Herbs, Less Salt program will allow you to explore this local treasure.”#

Planted in the traditional style of yesterday”s herb gardens, the Heritage Garden showcases herbs from the medicinal, fragrant, decorative, and culinary categories. Grown from heritage seeds with no artificial fertilizers, the garden flourishes from early spring into late fall. Examples of herbs grown include soapwart, dill, comfrey, lavender, wooly thyme, basil and the list goes on.

The More Herbs, Less Salt program will provide tours of the Heritage Garden and instruct guests on how to recognize common herbs and understand their many uses. The program will also showcase how consumers can identify and avoid salt in restaurant and pre-packaged foods.

“This is a great opportunity for guests and families to explore healthy seasoning options that are provided by nature and to learn a little about how our forefathers used herbs to resolve some basic needs,”# said Long.

The More Herbs, Less Salt program will run from 10 a.m. until noon on Saturday, August 27.# The cost for admission is $5.00 per person.# Guests are asked to pre-register and can do so at www.gwinnettparks.com or by phone at 770.814.4920.

McDaniel Farm Park is located at 3251 McDaniel Road in Duluth. For additional information, please visit www.gwinnettEHC.org.

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