Feeling Joy from Simple Things

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Lynne, 2009

Heroes Project Update: Lynne Gasiorek

Lynne Gasiorek”s journey as a cancer survivor has taught her many life lessons. “I have learned not to underestimate the value of having caring family and friends on your journey through life or the importance of feeling joy from simple things,” says Lynne. She lives at peace with uncertainty and adjusts her expectations because “no one is given a chart to navigate life.”

Now, the two-time cancer survivor and 2009 Hero has actively resumed a cancer free life and is embracing it with new and exciting opportunities, such as traveling. “I treasure the time spent with people I care about and it is absolutely invigorating and rejuvenating to experience new people and places,” she says. A recent highlight was a family trip to New Zealand, where Lynne and her family rode in a helicopter that landed on top of a mountain glacier.

Lynne and family, 2011

Lynne”s personal cancer journey has also motivated her to help others battling the disease. Lynne says, “I am actively involved in community projects that support cancer research and increase community awareness of programs that promote cancer prevention and education.”

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