Finals Are Just the Beginning

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As my daughter is burning the proverbial mid-night oil during her very first week of high school final exams, her brother is just about wrapping his senior year of college and one of his last fast and furious weeks of cramming until the wee hours, downing cups of bad coffee and odd-tasting energy drinks.

What a journey he”s had – and what a journey he”s about to begin in the real world – but for her, it”s all just beginning. She”s got at least 15 more finals weeks to live through, and he”s living for his last finals week this spring.

Finals are anything but. Their outcome has some weight on the path each of them will take in life. And while one might come by things easier than the other – or one could just be driven to work harder – the grades they both make on their finals will have a lot to do with what their futures might hold.

Will his grades get him into med school? Will hers be good enough to get into the college she really, really, really wants to attend up north? No matter how we look at it, the numbers are going to be crunched in some manner. They”re both going to have to perform to make Dream A. come true. If not, it”s Dream B. – which I don”t think either has given a second thought.

But perhaps it”s the dream of what they can make happen, of what they can become that propels them through the long hours, stacks of books, dried up highlighters and note cards full of cryptic class notes. They”re learning that it”s their own drive that will move their dreams closer. Yes, even at the tender age of 15 – a far cry from 21, when the world is at your feet.

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