Fitness on the clock

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We know finding time to work out can be a stretch, So we teamed up with Rich Barton, owner of Bodyrich Fitness Co., and Linda Otto, wellness director at the Gwinnett Family YMCA, and asked them to answer the tough question: "I”ve got 30 minutes, five days a week. What should I do?"

What”s the best workout to lose weight?
Barton and his trainers recommend doing a mix of cardio and toning exercises. Choose exercises with light weights and high repetitions, completed in a circuit to keep your heart rate up.

Otto takes a divide and conquer approach and recommends doing cardio three days a week and strength training two days a week. (Your warm-up and cool down are outside the thirty minutes.)

What”s the best workout to tone up?
A circuit-training workout would work well here as well. But to tone up, change the workout to use more free weights than cardio exercises.

Is 30 minutes really enough?
You can improve your health by devoting 30 minutes a day to being healthy, but a lot of health professionals recommend you spend at least 40 minutes a day. You should also note that if weight loss is your goal, most people plateau over time and will need to add workout time to do more than maintain your current weight.

Barton recommends that if you have a limited amount of time to devote to your health, spend one of the 30-minute blocks meal planning and shopping for healthy food. Although working out is important to staying fit, eating healthy is a priority that can”t be overlooked.

What”s the best tip for busy professionals?
Make sure you schedule your workout time like any other business appointment, says Barton, and be prepared with the clothes and everything you need.

How can you get those flat abs you”ve always wanted?
Don”t miss the "Social Diva-5 Moves to Flat Abs" recommended by The American Boot Camp Company.