Five Prevention Tips for Parents

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Mother and DaughterSometimes the best way to manage a crisis is to avoid it by instilling proactive, preventative measures in our children.

Many parents ask: How do we keep our children safe from danger? Nowadays, new stories come out daily about children being lured into kidnapping and abduction situations. It”s estimated nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year, and tragically, in 40 percent of typical kidnapping cases, the child was killed, according to radKIDS.
Although parents can”t be with their children every second, they can teach them to think and be prepared to recognize, avoid, resist, and escape harm.

The following tips will help parents teach their children to protect themselves.

Find Out What They Know: The truth is that most children already know about potential dangerous situations from school and friends. It”s your job to test them and find out what they”ve learned – accurate or inaccurate.

Prepare Without Fear: You never want to scare your children, but you must prepare them. Talk about safety openly and without fear.

Always Take a Friend: Teach your children to always have a friend with them when going places and to stay in a group when on outings.

Instruct Your Child to Use Their Voice and Fight Back: If anyone tries to grab your child, instruct them to make every effort to escape be that yelling, kicking, and otherwise resisting.

Be Tuned Into Their World: Make sure you”re extremely tuned into what”s going on in your children”s lives. Listen to them and take note of whom they”re talking about daily.

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